Emergency Dentist Appointments in Independence, MO

$35 Emergency Exam

Painful dental emergencies require fast, effective care, and our dentists are here for you! For tooth pain, oral injury, broken restorations and more, schedule your same-day or next-day emergency dental exam (x-ray included) for just $35*.

*For new patients only.

True Dental Group, your trusted local Independence, MO dental office, prioritizes your oral health, offering prompt care to address a range of dental emergencies. Even the healthiest individuals may encounter sudden dental injuries or oral health concerns, and our team is prepared to provide same-day or next-day emergency dentist appointments to alleviate your discomfort as quickly as possible. If you're searching for the best emergency dentist near Independence, MO, and beyond, contact True Dental Group today!

Our urgent dental care services include treatment for the following conditions:

Tooth Pain

man experiencing tooth pain trying to schedule an emergency dental appointmentPersistent tooth pain lasting beyond a day or two may signal underlying dental issues. Our comprehensive emergency examinations include thorough consultations by experienced dentists and utilize advanced digital X-rays to diagnose the problem accurately.

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

Cracked, knocked-out, or broken teeth pose risks of severe infections with implications for overall health. Contact our emergency dentist's office immediately if you or your child experiences tooth damage or loss due to injury. Our team will get you scheduled as fast as possible for prompt evaluation and treatment!

Broken Dental Fillings & Crowns

If your smile has been treated with dental crowns and fillings, wear and damage to the restoration may occur. Should your filling or crown break or dislodge, promptly scheduling an urgent dental care appointment is crucial to prevent further complications.

Dental Abscesses

Untreated infections can lead to painful dental abscesses, requiring immediate attention. Our dentists will assess the abscess during your emergency dentist appointment and recommend appropriate treatments, such as emergency tooth extraction or root canal therapy.

Your Emergency Dentist in Independence, MO

When a dental emergency strikes, our compassionate team prioritizes fast, gentle treatment to deliver the urgent care you need. To ensure your dental emergencies are addressed with expert attention, schedule your same-day or next-day emergency dental appointment today by giving us a call!

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