Cosmetic Dentistry in Independence, MO

Is it time to reclaim your confidence from tooth discoloration, crowded teeth, or other cosmetic smile concerns? At True Dental Group, our top cosmetic dentistry services in Independence, MO, are designed to provide safe and effective treatments for results you can feel confident in right away!

Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

Gingival Recontouring

Our dental office in Independence, MO offers gingival recontouring to address the appearance of uneven gum lines when smiling. Our dentists use advanced dental lasers to reshape gum tissue, eliminating "gummy smiles" and creating more harmonious gum lines. This service not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the smile but also contributes to healthier gums.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth? Our dentists specialize in permanent tooth restoration with dental implants. These implants provide long-lasting, natural-looking results using titanium posts implanted in the jawbone for sturdy crowns. Dental implants offer a secure fit without adhesive need and allow patients to enjoy food without restrictions. They stimulate jawbone growth and are a healthier alternative to dentures or bridges.

Opalescence® Teeth Whitening

Combat teeth stains and discoloration with Opalescence teeth whitening, a safe and effective system offered at our dental office. Opalescence professional whitening treatment can be performed in the office in a quick, effective treatment, or with a convenient take-home kit. Professional teeth whitening is highly effective in removing stains caused by various factors like diet, tobacco use, medications, and aging for a brighter, more radiant smile.

Orthodontic Clear Teeth Aligners

True Dental Group provides custom teeth aligners for patients seeking to straighten their smiles discreetly. Patients prefer aligners over traditional braces for their nearly invisible appearance and ability to be removed. Choose from ClearCorrect, Invisalign®, or our in-house clear orthodontic aligners for fast and affordable results in achieving a straighter smile.

Learn More About Cosmetic Smile Treatments in Independence

Have questions about our cosmetic dentistry services in Independence, MO? Ready to unveil your best and brightest smile? Contact True Dental Group today to book your cosmetic dentistry consultation! Our experienced dentists are here to provide personalized solutions and guide you through every step of your smile transformation.

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