Alpha-Stim® Treatment in Independence, MO

Does dental anxiety stand in the way of your healthiest smile? At True Dental Group, we understand feelings of dental anxiety and fear of pain are common among dental patients. Whether you've been putting off your preventive dental appointments or you're due for a more in-depth treatment, dental anxiety can affect your oral health and total body health. That's why, at True Dental Group, we offer a safe, effective drug-free treatment option designed to alleviate dental anxiety, minimize pain, and provide a more comfortable treatment experience overall.

With Alpha-Stim treatment in Independence, MO, our skilled providers offer significant anxiety relief, helping you banish feelings of anxiety and pain without side effects. With Alpha-Stim, you can comfortably get the dental treatment you need, then get back to the rest of your day!

"Went in for my second time today to get my permanent crown and a few cavities filled. They had a new device for relieving anxiety & pain during your dental procedure, it’s called Alpha Stim. I suffer from extreme anxiety and this new option gave me the most pleasant dental experience yet. Highly recommended to anyone nervous about dental work. I must mention the excellent customer service from everyone in the office as well. My mom recommended this office and I’m grateful I took her word." — Madison Desare, Patient


Drug-Free Relief for Dental Anxiety and Pain

patient smiling during her dental visit at True Dental GroupAlpha-Stim treatment is designed to offer significant relief for dental anxiety and pain, making it easier to comfortably receive the dental care you need. Our dentists are proud to offer Alpha-Stim as an effective, drug-free alternative to traditional dental sedation options.

Alpha-Stim offers anxiety and pain relief without medication, with most patients experiencing significantly less anxiety after just one treatment! Patients in clinical studies reported greater anxiety relief with Alpha-Stim when compared to traditional sedative drugs.


What Is Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim therapy uses a safe, FDA-cleared device to help our patients relieve dental anxiety and stay relaxed throughout their visits with our Independence dental team. Alpha-Stim offers calming, non-invasive anxiety relief without side effects. The device is designed to deliver a microcurrent level through the brain to naturally stimulate targeted groups of nerve cells, reducing feelings of anxiety, pain, and more, while improving the patient's emotional and physiological state.

Patients receiving Alpha-Stim therapy will apply earclip electrodes that deliver the low-level current to the brain. This rhythmic current is designed to help regulate and balance the function of the electrochemical signals in the brain.

At True Dental Group, the Alpha-Stim process is short, non-invasive, and gentle. Many of our patients can't even feel the treatment!

Patients often see results after their first treatment with Alpha-Stim. From there, the effects of the treatment build on progress at each session, resulting in enhanced relief from anxiety and pain over time. While the total amount of treatment sessions needed to achieve the desired level of anxiety relief will depend on the patient, the Alpha-Stim treatment system doesn't use chemicals, meaning patients can safely undergo multiple treatments without worry of dependence.

What are the Benefits of Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim therapy offers a selection of benefits that other sedation dentistry options do not, including:

  • A drug-free anxiety solution
  • No side effects
  • No risk of overuse
  • Fast-acting results

Alpha-Stim therapy also allows our patients to drive home after their visit without risk. This drug-free anxiety treatment causes no lasting side effects or risk of impairment, making it perfectly safe for our patients to drive home! Our dentists can administer Alpha-Stim therapy for any length of dental treatment needed, even for preventive cleaning visits.

How Much Does Alpha-Stim Cost?

At True Dental Group, your most comfortable dental care experience is our priority! Your first treatment with Alpha-Stim therapy is complimentary. After that, you can receive treatment with Alpha-Stim for just $10 per visit.

Learn More About Alpha-Stim Treatment

If dental anxiety or fear of pain have affected your ability to comfortably receive dental care, contact us to learn more about Alpha-Stim therapy! Our skilled dentists are happy to help provide all the information you need about how to improve your dental care experience with our drug-free sedation alternative. Let us help you enjoy an anxiety-free treatment experience — schedule your consultation today!

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